Updated December 5, 2016
Native American, Impressionism & Wildlife

Nordwall Gallery & Studio

Pawnee Ojibwe Cherokee
Raymond Nordwall

About the Artist


Warrior Portrait oil 13""x8" $600
On a Path of Gold oil 36x48 $5200
Aspen Camp oil 36x40 $5200


Happy Holidays!
Bird Song #14 oil on panel 10 x 10 $500
Dancing for my People Oil 48x36 $5200
Protected from Above Oil on Panel 24x36 $2800
Northern Dancer Oil 24x30 $3000
Visions at Twilight Oil on Panel 18x24 $1400
Gazing at the Heavens Oil 40x30 $5200
Horse Study I Oil 30x30 $3500
The Watcher of the Night Oil 10x12 $600
Evening Ride Oil 12x12 $600
Pawnee Portrait 31x23 m/m $3500
            Autumn Blanket 31x23 m/m $3500
Blue Feathers 31x23 m/m $3500

The Future 12"x6" (each) diptych oil on panel $1600
​Golden Chamisa 12x12x oil $600
Winter Splender 10x10 oil $600
Standing Alone 12x12 oil on panel $600
Watching over You 10x10 oil $600
Garcia Street Doorway 12x12 oil $600
Salty 12x12 oil on panel $600
Too Close for Comfort 6x24 oil on panel $900
Winter Lodge 12x12 oil on panel $600
​Caballo 12x12 oil $500
A Place to call Home 8x8 oil on panel $400
Night Reflections 10x8 oil on panel $500
Purple Pony 10x10 oil $500
Emerald Vision 10x10 oil on panel $500
Bossy Mama 6x24 oil on panel $900
​Kuduksh 10x10 oil on panel $500
Crossing Crimson Waters 48x60 oil $11000
Winter Ride 36x28 oil on panel $2500
War Parties Pony 24x30 oil $2800
Water Protector 37x23 oil $3800
Crow Beauty 36x30 oil $3000
Visions at Twilight 18x24 oil on panel $1400
Decorated Soldiers 24x36 oil on panel $2500

Riding to the Opera 31x23 m/m $3500
Pawnee Robe 24x24 m/m $3500

The Victors Return 58" x36" oil $9,000